Primark praised after shopper discovers ‘secret’ use of its Christmas paper bags

Primark shoppers have been left stunned after they realised that they could use their shopping bags as wrapping paper.

The clothing retailer has given their paper packaging a makeover in time for Christmas, swapping the usual brown paper bags for ones with red stripes.

But what some customers failed to notice, was that you can repurpose the festive bags as wrapping paper.

In a video that has been viewed more than half a million times on TikTok, Sandra Hawkes can be seen getting one of the brown and red striped bags from her local store to try the hack out herself.

When she gets home, she cuts the bag into squares, with the help of the handy dotted lines and proceeds to wrap her presents with it, even adding a gift tag which is included as part of the bag too.

Since being posted it has received almost 130,000 likes and thousands of comments from impressed shoppers.

One said: “I literally work in Primark and only just realised THIS is why they are that pattern.”

Another wrote: “I binned mine and didn’t realise!!!! NOOOOOO.”

“Amazing idea all shops should do this” commented a third.

But a few fans said that they had been given the usual brown paper bags when they’d gone shopping, but Sandra revealed that you have to ask for the festive-themed bags.

Others pointed out that while it was a good idea, it’s not very often that the bags make it home in one piece, so Sandra suggested double-bagging the items to make it stronger – and that way you’ll have double the wrapping paper too.